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Jackie Marsh "Knowing about our ancestors can provide a sense of identity in a changing world, and many of us yearn to know more about the people who made us who we are. Yet all too often we know precious little beyond our own grandparents. What part of the country were your ancestors from and what was their place in society? Perhaps you are wondering if there's any truth in that family legend, or where that talent for music came from? The good news is that we can find out, I've been researching family trees professionally since 2006, and would love to have the opportunity to introduce you to your ancestors. Each family has its own story just waiting to be uncovered, and it's a real privilege to help someone find out about their past. If you are ready to embark on your voyage of discovery then contact me today, and take your first step towards meeting your ancestors." Jackie Marsh

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notes"I was struggling to make much progress in researching my history and contacting Jackie was the best move I made: friendly, highly professional, great communication, excellent and comprehensive report going back to the late 18th Century, terrific value for money - I recommend Benson Genealogy without reservation." - Mr. Atkin, Lancashire

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